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How we hire

We want to get to know you

We want to know who you are. And what your ambitions are. That's why we have an (online) first meeting. In it, we get to know you better, and you get to know us better. Like it? Great! On to the 2nd interview.


We've already gotten to know you a little bit. So, it's time to investigate your experience with one of our managers. What kind of questions can you expect? For example, about your experience in service or kitchen teams. Would you happen to have any questions for us? Feel free to ask them.

Assignment of rotation

We'd like to know what you're like when you get to work. That's why we give you a work-related assignment. During a trial day in the kitchen or with the service team at one of our locations. That way, you'll find out how we do our work and whether it suits you.

Hook, line and signed contract

Are we both excited? Then it's time to discuss the terms of employment and to sign the contract. After this, we will officially welcome you to our team.


Is an online job interview possible?

We usually conduct two job interviews. Our goal is to complete that in 7 days. Then, it may be easier to speak to each other digitally. But we prefer to see you in person at one of our locations for the 2nd interview. You can see right away where you will be working!

How should I prepare for the interview?

Read the job description in advance and check out our social channels (e.g. Instagram). Then, you can get a sense of where you will be working. And who knows, a question may come to mind. Write it down and ask it during the job interview. But most importantly, be yourself. Because authenticity is important to us.

Do I have to live in Amsterdam?

Even though we have many branches in Amsterdam, you don't have to live in Amsterdam. Although it is easier if your shift ends at 00:30. Would you like to come and work with us? But is Amsterdam too far away? Then check out vacancies for our other locations.

What type of shifts are there

We have different shifts. Some start in the morning; others end at 00:30. Discuss your preferences in this too!